Orchard Project


Poster boards about the Orchard Mapping Project.

Below are display poster board that were created about the Orchard Mapping project. Watch the video that the AHRC created about the Apple Day and the Orchard project.  


Orchard Roots: Apple Day in the Quantocks – video

While across the UK orchards have declined by as much as 63% in the past half century, places like Somerset can still boast more than their fair share of apple trees. The Quantock Hills, to the west of Bridgwater, aren’t known for their orchards, but studies suggest they might have covered more of the Quantocks […]


‘Fallen Fruits: Mapping Orchard Decline in the Quantock Hills at Parish Level with Tithe Record and Map Data’: Phase 2 Report

By Nick Nourse In 2010 exploratory research was proposed at the offices of the Quantock Hills AONB Service, to examine the importance of orchards to the economy and ecology of this distinctive corner of Somerset. Following an AHRC-funded workshop at Halsway Manor in March 2011, an AHRC grant enabled Marianna Dudley of Bristol University to […]


Funding for Phase 3 of Quantocks Orchard Project: ‘At the Core of the Quantocks’

Peter Coates has received additional AHRC funding for Phase 3 of his ongoing project on Orchards in the Quantocks that is being pursued in conjunction with the Quantock Hills AONB Service. Phase 3 – ‘At the Core of the Quantocks: Wider Dissemination of the Fruits of the Orchard Mapping Project’ – will spread the findings […]


Further Funding Received for Quantocks Orchard Project

Peter Coates has received £7,310 (75% from the Quantock Hills Sustainable Development Fund and 25% from the University of Bristol’s Lady Emily Smyth Bequest for horticultural research, administered by the School of Biological Sciences) to pursue a 7-week (or equivalent) project entitled ‘Fallen Fruits: Mapping Orchard Decline in the Quantock Hills at Parish Level with […]

Mapping orchards in the Quantock Hills – Project report

Mapping orchards in the Quantock Hills – Project report

Orchards are integral to the Somerset landscape. The production and consumption of apples and cider has fed the local identity in addition to the local economy, and the cultivation of orchards has shaped the landscape, with fields of lined fruit trees characterising the Somerset levels. Rising from the levels are the hills and coombes of […]