Kielder Oral History Project


Kielder Oral History Report

Researcher Leona Skelton has produced a report on the Kielder Oral History Project. The main objective of this focused, local case study was to deepen our understanding of how people who are closely connected with the immediate local Kielder area have perceived, understood and experienced their surrounding environment, nature and landscape over the course of the twentieth and early twenty first centuries, and how the dramatic changes in the environment of Kielder have impacted on their lives, past and present.[...]


Kielder: the story of a man-made landscape

Around the world, rural landscapes have been transformed by human activity as never before. In England, one of the most striking locations of such anthropogenic changes is Kielder Forest and Water in Northumberland. Since the 1920s, this site has seen a massive tree planting effort, creating one of the largest man-made forests in Western Europe. […]


The Semantics of Kielder

Researcher Leona Skelton has produced a list of words used by interviewees in the Kielder Oral History project to describe the environment. She has carefully presented and formatted a selection of words used by those whose Lives have been shaped by Kielder to describe their changing perceptions of the area over the course of their lives, past […]


The Kielder Oral History Project

By: Leona Skelton The Kielder Oral History Project, which took place between 15th and 19th October 2012, was a great success. The researcher, Leona Skelton, is an environmental historian working on behalf of the universities of Durham (where she has recently completed a Ph.D.) and York (where David Moon, Co-investigator on the larger project, now works). […]