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The Semantics of Kielder

Researcher Leona Skelton has produced a list of words used by interviewees in the Kielder Oral History project to describe the environment. She has carefully presented and formatted a selection of words used by those whose Lives have been shaped by Kielder to describe their changing perceptions of the area over the course of their lives, past […]


Chris Pearson features on Environmental History Podcast on dogs in History

Network member Chris Pearson features on the latest episode of the Exploring Environmental History Podcast. He talks with host Jan Oosthoek about his latest research project entitled “Canine City: Dogs, Humans, and the Making of Modern Paris”. The podcast explores the economic and cultural importance of dogs in urban history but also the wider historical importance […]


Further Funding Received for Quantocks Orchard Project

Peter Coates has received £7,310 (75% from the Quantock Hills Sustainable Development Fund and 25% from the University of Bristol’s Lady Emily Smyth Bequest for horticultural research, administered by the School of Biological Sciences) to pursue a 7-week (or equivalent) project entitled ‘Fallen Fruits: Mapping Orchard Decline in the Quantock Hills at Parish Level with […]