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Network member interviewed about his new book, “Conquering the Highlands: A History of the Afforestation of the Scottish Uplands”.

Network member Jan Oosthoek is interviewed on the latest episode of the Exploring Environmental History podcast about his new book, “Conquering the Highlands: A History of the Afforestation of the Scottish Uplands”. The podcast explores how, over the course of the twentieth century, foresters worked to establish timber reserves in the Scottish Highlands, creating forests […]


Upcoming new book: “The lost Fens. England’s greatest ecological disaster”

By Ian Rotherham The History Press April 2013 “A remarkable story detailing the most dramatic example of ecological destruction in our history” Pre-order from Amazon.      


New book: “Trees, Forested Landscapes and Grazing Animals”

Edited by Ian Rotherham Earthscan/Rourtledge ISBN: 978-0-415-62611-8 Published: February 2013 In this comprehensive book, the critical components of the European landscape – forest, parkland, and other grazed landscapes with trees are addressed. The book considers the history of grazed treed landscapes, of large grazing herbivores in Europe, and the implications of the past in shaping […]


New book: “A Story of Six Rivers: History, Culture and Ecology”

By Peter Coates Reaktion Books ISBN-10: 1780231067 ISBN-13: 978-1780231068 Published: 1 March 2013 Many of the world’s major cities sprang up on the banks of rivers. Used for water, food, irrigation, transportation and power, rivers sustain life and connect places and countries, but most of us think of them simply as waterways that must be […]


New book: “The Plough that Broke the Steppes. Agriculture and Environment on Russia’s Grasslands, 1700-1914”

By David Moon Oxford University Press ISBN 978-0-19-955643-4 Published: 28 February 2013 This is the first environmental history of Russia’s steppes. From the early-eighteenth century, settlers moved to the semi-arid but fertile grasslands from wetter, forested regions in central and northern Russia and Ukraine, and from central Europe. By the late-nineteenth century, they had turned […]


Funding for Phase 3 of Quantocks Orchard Project: ‘At the Core of the Quantocks’

Peter Coates has received additional AHRC funding for Phase 3 of his ongoing project on Orchards in the Quantocks that is being pursued in conjunction with the Quantock Hills AONB Service. Phase 3 – ‘At the Core of the Quantocks: Wider Dissemination of the Fruits of the Orchard Mapping Project’ – will spread the findings […]