Histories of Environmental Change first workshop starts 5 November


The first workshop of the AHRC funded research network Histories of Environmental Change starts on Friday 2 November. The workshop will be held in Cambridge and at Wicken Fen, just outside of Ely.

Wicken fen is a remnant of the once extensive wetlands of Eastern England and that have been drained since the Middle Ages. Wicken is one of the oldest sites for conservation in the UK and was bought by the National Trust in 1899. The workshop will focus on the environmental changes caused by the draining of the fens and looking at the different management strategies engaged over time. It will also assess what the terms nature and environment mean and what input historians can have in management decisions taken to preserve and restore wetlands.

Throughout the weekend of 5-7 November, updates in form of podcasts and blog posts will be posted on the Histories of Environmental Change web site and you can follow the workshop on Twitter @envirohistories. Get involved in the workshop and post your thoughts and comments in response to the podcasts and blog posts. Stay tuned and watch this space!

For more info about Wicken Fen click here.

Programme Wicken Fen workshop

Friday 5th November

Magdalene College, Cambridge

Paper: The Environment: an ‘out there’ idea? (Paul Warde)


Saturday 6th November

The Wren Building, Wicken Fen

Short Fen walk

Presentation from Stuart Carrington (National Trust) + discussion

Research papers and discussion (1):

    The end of the amphibians: people and wetlands in the 20th century (Petra van Dam).
    Reframing a vision of the lost Fens (Ian Rotherham)

Tour of Wicken

Environmental Stories: roundtable and discussion. Chair: Paul Warde.

Paper: John Clare, drainage and printmaking (Carry Akroyd)


Sunday 7th November

Research papers and discussion (2):

    Nature conservation is usually history (Chris Smout)
    The history of future urban nature (Sverker Sörlin)

Final discussion: what we learned and what we’d like to know.

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