The Quantock Hills workshop


The second workshop of the Histories of Environmental Change network took place in the Quantock Hills from 1 to 3 March 2011. On this podcast David Moon and Paul Warde talk about their impressions of the workshop, including what landscape beauty means and what people visiting a preserved landscape like the Quantocks are looking for. Are they looking for the past landscape as describe by 18th century poets such as Coleridge? And what do they make of the Hinckley Point nuclear power station that is visible from the top of the Quantock Hills?

Paul and David also consider how the workshop connects to the first workshop at Wicken Fen in the East Anglian Lowlands and what we can expect from the final workshop at Kielder Forest in the Hills of Northumberland.


Music Credits

The Way” by Pitx

Slinky Blues” by Admiral Bob


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