Kielder 2: The local, the Global and the Future


The large dam and reservoir at Kielder and the forest surrounding it do not have the same reputation as famous dams like the Boulder Dam in the Colorado River or Yosemite National Park in the US. Kielder is of regional and at best national fame but this mega project is clearly linked to the global movement that is also responsible for the large dams in Scotland, the United States and more recently in China. In the west this idea of large “landscape engineering” projects in order to command resources is at present viewed with suspicion. But with the future threat of climate change the construction of new dams for drinking water is very much back on the political agenda. On this edition of the podcast David Moon, Paul Warde and Peter Coates consider how these themes connect Kielder to these global processes.

The Podcast concludes with a discussion of what future workshop locations should be selected if the Histories of Environmental Change Network were to continue. This is the second podcast covering the third workshop of the Network covering the meeting at Kielder in Northumberland.


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