Announcement of new “The places that speak to us” award to the “Histories of Environmental Change Network”


The ‘Local Places, Global Processes: Histories of Environmental Change’ Network – has received a further 12 months of Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) funding. The award allows the network to continue its work and extend collaboration to include Georgina Enfield, who led the ‘Cultural Spaces of Climate’ Network. The award is part of the research theme ‘Care for the Future: Enhancing the Role of Arts and Humanities Perspectives on Environmental Values and Change’. The grant funds a series of ‘follow on’ activities and events related to ‘Local Places, Global Processes’ during 2012.

A new section has been created on the web site that will feature a full description of the project. This can be accessed through the new menu item on the site entitled ‘Places that speak to us’.


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