PI Peter Coates, Professor of American and Environmental History, Bristol university. Staff profile:

CI Paul Warde, Reader in Early Modern History, University of East Anglia. His interests focus in particular upon the use of wood as a fundamental resource in pre-industrial society; the long-term history of energy use and its relationship with economic development, and environmental and social change. Staff profile:

CI David Moon, Anniversary Professor of History, The University of York. David works on Russian and transnational environmental history, agriculture and environmental change and rural history. Staff profile:

Professor Tim Cole (History/Bristol University): intersections between social and environmental histories. Former co-investigator on a large grantproject funded by the AHRC Landscape and Environment programme. Staff profile.

Professor Petra Van Dam (Free University/Amsterdam; Vice President, ESEH): medieval/early modern periods; water history. University Home page.

Dr Marianna Dudley, who received her doctorate from Bristol for research on the environmental history of military training estates in southwest Britain (2011), is currently an AHRC Early Career Fellow in the History Department at Bristol University, where she is working on access and recreation in the protected spaces of southwest Britain.

Professor Georgina Endfield (Geography/Nottingham University; former editor of the journal Environment and History): historical conceptualizations of and social responses to climate change and extreme weather events. Staff profile.

Dr Erin Gill (History/Aberystwyth University), experienced energy and environmental journalist. She wrote her doctoral thesis on  Lady Eve Balfour, a pioneer in the organic farming movement.

Dr Robert Lambert (History & Business School/Nottingham University): nature conservation, species history, landscape history, environmental management, outdoor recreation, wildlife tourism; extensive experience of working with environmental NGOs and policymakers, and in natural history television and radio. Staff profile.

Dr Stephen Mosley (Cultural Studies/Leeds Metropolitan University, new editor of the journal Environment and History): pollution and public health in Britain; urban environments. Staff profile.

Dr Jan Oosthoek (History/Brisbane, Australia): landscape history and land management; IT use to promote environmental history. He is author of the leading environmental history website Environmental History Resources: and is web officer for the Histories of Environmental Change Network (this site). He also produces a popular environmental history podcast.

Professor Richard Oram (History/Stirling University; director of Centre for Research in Environmental History): medieval history and environmental change in upland regions. The multidisciplinary Centre’s ‘History Tomorrow’ service provides commercial access to historical and ecological research for businesses, government agencies, schools, and tourist and heritage organizations.

Dr Chris Pearson (History/University of Liverpool): assistant professor, former research associate on a project funded by the AHRC Landscape and Environment programme: environmental history of Vichy France; militarization and the environment; animal studies. Staff profile. Chris is maintaining a blog entitled “Sniffing the past” about canine history.

Professor Ian Rotherham (Director, Tourism and Environmental Change Research Unit/Sheffield Hallam University): Ecologist: ecological history, nature and heritage-based leisure and tourism, sustainable development and environmental regeneration.

Professor Christopher Smout (professor emeritus, History/St Andrews University and Historiographer Royal in Scotland): founded the pioneering Institute of Environmental History at St Andrews (1992) and is a former deputy chairman of Scottish Natural Heritage (1991-97).

Dr Leona Skelton, who received her doctorate from Durham for research on the regulation of urban pollution in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries (2012), worked with David Moon on the Kielder Oral History Project. She currently works for an energy company based in Leeds.

Professor Sverker Sörlin (Royal Institute of Technology/Stockholm University; member, UNESCO Forum for Science, Knowledge, and Higher Education; member, Swedish Government’s Research Advisory Board): extensive environmental history interests including sustainability and sociology of science.


Iain Porter (manager), Quantock Hills AONB Service, Somerset County Council, Bridgewater,

National Trust: Ben Cowell, Regional Director, East of England Region, Bury St. Edmunds

Northumbrian Water: Contact: Andrew Moore, Research Co-ordinator