Wicken Fen workshop programme


Friday 5th November

Magdalene College, Cambridge

Paper: The Environment: an ‘out there’ idea? (Paul Warde)


Saturday 6th November

The Wren Building, Wicken Fen

Short Fen walk

Presentation from Stuart Carrington (National Trust) + discussion

Research papers and discussion (1):

    The end of the amphibians: people and wetlands in the 20th century (Petra van Dam).
    Reframing a vision of the lost Fens (Ian Rotherham)

Tour of Wicken

Environmental Stories: roundtable and discussion. Chair: Paul Warde.

Paper: John Clare, drainage and printmaking (Carry Akroyd)


Sunday 7th November

Research papers and discussion (2):

    Nature conservation is usually history (Chris Smout)
    The history of future urban nature (Sverker Sörlin)

Final discussion: what we learned and what we’d like to know.