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Podcast: Desire for the Wild – Wild Desires? The trouble with rewilding

It is undeniable that human influence is now felt in almost every ecosystem, region and ocean of the world. As a result wilderness or wild nature is becoming less abundant. In response to this less wild world, landscape and ecosystem restorations are undertaken all over the globe. One of these places is the wetland area […]


Upcoming new book: “The lost Fens. England’s greatest ecological disaster”

By Ian Rotherham The History Press April 2013 “A remarkable story detailing the most dramatic example of ecological destruction in our history” Pre-order from Amazon.      


New book: “Trees, Forested Landscapes and Grazing Animals”

Edited by Ian Rotherham Earthscan/Rourtledge ISBN: 978-0-415-62611-8 Published: February 2013 In this comprehensive book, the critical components of the European landscape – forest, parkland, and other grazed landscapes with trees are addressed. The book considers the history of grazed treed landscapes, of large grazing herbivores in Europe, and the implications of the past in shaping […]