Getting Travel Bassinets and Home Baby Swings

picking travel bassinets

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How much does a baby travel bassinet cost?

Ideally, the cost of a bassinet will vary from $70 to $150. The cost will vary depending on a wide range of factors, such as material, brand, and features.

Things to consider in buying best travel bassinet

picking travel bassinets

Ease of Use

The right travel bassinet should be easy to fold, set it up, and assemble. For ease of use, your bassinet ought to have features such as wheels. Moreover, it should be portable and lightweight. Ideally, it should not be difficult to put it back to the storage bag.

Mesh Window

Ensure you choose a bassinet that has mesh windows on all sides. You should note that the mesh window plays a critical role as it lets you watch the baby easily. Moreover, it is critical for safety. Another reason your bassinet needs a mesh window is to let in light.


The right travel bassinet should allow you to get to your destinations without being concerned about its weight or size. Is it easy to move your bassinet from one place to another? If you want a portable bassinet, you should look at the foldability, size, and weight. Moreover, if it has wheels, it becomes easier to move it.


Comfortable bassinets allow your baby to sleep and play comfortably as you travel. Ensure it has a comfortable mattress, or you should be able to put one. Also, the sheets ought to be comfortable.


Other than mesh panels for added ventilation, the bassinet ought to have a sturdy frame that stays in place to ensure your child is safe. Also, look at the features and construction material.


It is advisable to consider the material of the bassinet. You should note that some brands use chemicals to enhance their durability, quality, or appeal, and it can be harmful to the baby’s skin or sense of smell. In addition, some substances have been found to make a bassinet highly flammable.


Ideally, this is not an important factor to look for when buying a travel bassinet. However, it can be a huge place as toys help keep your baby engaged.

The baby has arrived and you are extremely happy. However, being restless at night can make you quite exhausted. But, do you know there are products in the market that are designed specifically to soothe your crying baby. If you would love to spend some time sitting by yourself after a baby, you can look into buying the small baby swing. For some parents and especially the first time parents, it would be a little tough to decide on what to look for in a baby swing. Below is a guide for your reference!

Ingenuity SimpleComfort Cradling Swing

This particular baby swing would be suitable for babies from newborn up to the weight limit of 22 pounds. It won’t produce noise and thus, you would be able to enjoy some me-time! Being a parent it is the toughest thing to find. It offers two recline positions and thus, you can set it according to the preference of your baby.

Ingenuity baby swing review

Graco Slim Spaces Compact Swing, ABC

This particular swing is of compact size and thus, it would take minimum space in your house. It is suitable for babies that weigh up to 25 pounds. It is wise to check the relevant features and specifications before making a final purchase decision. It is user-friendly and you can easily store it. The swing speeds are adjustable and you can select as per the choice of your little bundle of joy. There are two small toys hanging on the swing for the visual stimulation of the baby.

Nuna Leaf Grow Bouncer

It has an interesting design and is suitable for babies that weigh up to 130 pounds. It can be used as the toddler seat as well. You can even use it as the bouncer depending on your preferences.

nuna newborn baby swing