The Best Ceiling Fans For High Ceilings: Popular Features And Design Characteristics

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Installing a ceiling fan is a great way to make your home more comfortable while at the same time decreasing your energy usage. Fans take very little power to operate – especially when compared to air conditioners. If you can get by using a ceiling fan on a warm summer day rather than turning on the A/C, you can significantly lower your monthly utility bills. That is good news for both the environment and your pocketbook.

To get the best results, it is important to choose the right ceiling fan for your space. This is especially true if you have high ceilings. You need to be sure that the fan is mounted at the right height and that it has all of the right features to make the most of your space.

best ceiling fan for high ceilings

Have A Downrod

The best ceiling fans for high ceilings have a downrod. Essentially, this is a rod that extends down from the ceiling toward the ground. The fan is mounted at the bottom of the rod. Using a downrod helps lower the fan down further into the room, putting it at the optimal height.

About 8 to 9 Feet Height Installation

Most experts recommend that ceiling fans should be mounted at a height of anywhere from about 8 to 9 feet off of the ground. If your ceilings are taller than this, you can use a downrod to lower the ceiling fan so that the bottom of the fan falls somewhere in this height range. This will help it more effectively circulate air throughout the space.

More Space Between Fan and the Ceiling

Another benefit of using a downrod is that it creates more space between the fan and the ceiling. This also improves air circulation, meaning that your fan will work better than it would if it was closer to the ceiling.

If your ceiling is sloped, you also need to take that into account. Most ceiling fans can be mounted on sloped ceilings as long as the angle isn’t too steep. Before buying a ceiling fan, check to make sure that it is suitable for your ceiling. Otherwise, you may need to buy a special angle adapter so that the fan can be properly mounted.


Another thing to think about when putting a ceiling fan in a room with high ceilings is how you will control it. Typically, the best option is to choose a fan that has a remote. That way, you don’t have to worry about trying to reach a pull chain on the fan.

Operating the fan with a wall switch is also an option. Ideally, the fan that you choose should have both a wall switch and a remote. This provides the ultimate versatility in terms of how it is controlled.

Better Air Circulation

The best ceiling fans for high ceilings have a downrod that enables them to hang lower down into the room. This results in better air circulation, making the fan more effective at cooling the space.

Ideally, the ceiling fan that you choose should also be easy to operate. That usually means choosing a fan that can be controlled with a standard wall switch and a handheld remote.